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Who is behind Networking Beat Academy?

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Mike Hayes

aka "The NetworKing Maker"

Helping to make you an ICON in your industry.


Phone: 415-639-3300

Professional Profile

Mike is a Media Master, having served with NBC and having won two Peabody award-winning documentaries, being a leader in the direct-response industry, and selling millions of dollars worth of products.

Mike is not only a Co-Founder of the Networking Beat Academy, but is one of NBA's key trainers and instructors. He is also the Founder of CrossGroup Networking which sponsors the large monthly CROSSGROUP EXPO, where as an NBA member you and your business will be prominently featured.

Mike has seasoned experience in using EventBrite to advertise online events and to produce dozens and even hundreds of leads a month, and is a strategic collaborator and super affiliate with the Blitzr platform which we use in the NBA program. He is a master marketer who can help you perfect your pitch, create a targeted message, and reach the masses with your business offers and services.

He is a huge promoter of Non-Pushy Selling, a methodology which can help you make money by serving other people and problem-solving their business issues, giving them great value and creating a source of income and wealth for yourself.

Dr. Greg Sanders

aka "Dr. Max"

Helping you find your Dream Team for Success


Phone: 480-780-1780

Professional Profile

Dr. Greg Sanders is Co-Founder of the Networking Beat Academy (2021), the Founder of the Max Community (2020), and "the Community Optimizer" who helps business owners and business leaders reach higher levels of success with a strategic technology plan and their own "dream team" of experts and business peers. With a PhD in Sociology, Dr. Sanders (aka "Dr. Max") taught sociology undergraduate and graduate students for 30 years (total) at Western Michigan University (1 year), Hillsdale College (4 years), and Greenville University (25 years). He was department chair for many years, and a curriculum writer for online programs. He knows how to create an easy-to-follow, guided path for learning and success. This is so important in the Business Tech arena since people desperately need technology to succeed and scale their profits, but often have trouble in this area.

In 2016, Greg left his tenured university position and became a full-time entrepreneur, starting a digital business card company called EZcard with his 22-year old daughter, Loralyn (born with a heart condition) to give her meaningful employment, and to transform this technology to benefit communities, including business groups. In 2018, his daughter passed away to a heart arrhythmia during the night (at the age of 25), and his 22-year son died two months later from a schizophrenic attack. He and his wife Karen also had a 10-year old son (their oldest) pass away from leukemia in 1991. Dr. Sanders has chosen to turn these tragedies into HOPE for others, devoting his life to helping others by promoting unity in communities, community support structures, and a life purpose that includes servant-leadership to others.

In 2020, he created the Max Community, an online business Leadership Development and Tech Support community. In addition to leading this community, he also promotes and supports the Max Pro CRM, a full-featured high-end business CRM that is still highly affordable and optimized for online sales, and the owner of MaxCard, a digital mobile app and connecting platform for online networking groups and individual businesses. He is an expert at building communities, building online businesses with smart tools and software, and creating a personal Dream Team for building your life and business.

Greg and his team of experts at the NBA and the Max Community can help you clarify your vision for your life and business, put a strategic plan together that includes powerful and optimized technology, and scale your business profits quickly and efficiently. Through coaching and masterminds, he can also help you develop into a servant-leader who can bless the world with your success, talents, and gifts.

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